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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Liability: Cleveland Whiskey LLC will not be held responsible for any incidences of any type that may occur to any tour participant after leaving the Cleveland Whiskey LLC distillery. While the whiskey sample sizes are small, alcohol will still be consumed by some or all participants. All tour participants wishing to sample Cleveland Whiskey products must be over the age of 21. Please be responsible with alcohol consumption and designate a driver if you, or any tour participant, is not used to consuming high-proof liquor.

Price: The cost per person per tour is $10.00 USD*. This amount will be refunded in the form of an in-store credit, to be put towards the purchase of non-liquor merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, glasses, etc.) from the Cleveland Whiskey store. This in-store credit is non-transferable; it must either be used on the date of the tour or forfeited. The credit may not be used online or after the tour date.

*The total cost for all persons attending must be paid upon registration of the tour. The tour will not be scheduled until payment has been received in full.

Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel your tour for any reason, Cleveland Whiskey LLC will reimburse the entire cost if notification is received within 48 hours of the scheduled tour date. In the event you need to cancel at any time, please call Cleveland Whiskey LLC at (216) 881-8481. Due to staff scheduling and operation adjustments resulting from public tours, Cleveland Whiskey LLC is unable to reimburse any tour cancelled less than 48 hours from scheduled time for any reason. This applies to any member of the tour group as well as the entire tour group. If one member of the tour needs to cancel, notification must be received within 48 hours in order to receive a refund. Should you wish to reschedule your tour, please contact Cleveland Whiskey via phone at (216) 881-8481 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour date. Cleveland Whiskey will either hold on to your payment and apply it to your new tour date, or will reimburse the entire amount if another date cannot be scheduled.

Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. The front door is alarmed and will need to be opened by Cleveland Whiskey LLC staff. Arriving early will guarantee that all participants gain entry into the building and will be able to enjoy the tour in entirety.

Return Policy: merchandise (excluding whiskey) purchased from the store may be returned or exchanged within 30 days from purchase with printed receipt. Returns include only the cost of the merchandise purchased plus applicable taxes and do not include the in-store discount.